BizTalk Standard Edition Application Limit

As you might know the standard edition of BizTalk Server has a limit for the number of applications you can deploy. The BizTalk licensing FAQ states:

“BizTalk Server 2009 STD may be the best option; however, BizTalk Server 2009 STD is limited to five BizTalk applications”

For me reading the FAQ did not make things more clear. In fact I had two additional questions about the five application limit after reading. Besides that I also see questions around this topic pop up in the community regularly. So there are more people confused about this.

My questions are:

1). Is the five application limit a hard limit or is it "just" a licensing thing?
For example what if you have a hot deployment strategy where you want to deploy a new version of the fifth application. Obviously you un-deploy the old version as soon as possible but for a short period of time you need one application above the limit. Is this technically possible or is standard edition restricting this?

2). How about the “system” and default application? Are those included in the limit?
You get “BizTalk.System” and “BizTalk application 1” out of the box after configuring BizTalk. Do they count? In other words can I only install 3 additional applications? I personally almost set my own custom application as the default application and remove “BizTalk application 1”. Of course I don’t touch “BizTalk.System’ as it is the part of the BizTalk infrastructure. But what does that mean for the maximum number of applications?

The only way (for me) to find answers is to try out. Of course I never took the time to install standard edition which is why this was on my “to find out” list for far too long. Last week I stumbled across a standard edition (our system administrator accidentally installed Standard edition instead of developer edition on our development machines). I took this chance to get my answers.

The machine was clean and I started creating Application 1, Application 2, etc. While trying to create application 6 I got:

application limit

So, first answer: This is a hard limit. Second answer: No, “BizTalk.System” and “BizTalk application 1” are not included.

What if I delete “BizTalk application 1” (set another application to default first)? Can I create an additional application? The answer is: yes.

So as a reminder for myself and other people looking for this information:

BizTalk Standard has a hard limit of five applications. The out-of-the box (OOTB) applications “BizTalk.System” and “BizTalk Application 1” are not included meaning you can have five additional applications next to the OOTB applications.

5 Responses to BizTalk Standard Edition Application Limit

  1. Good stuff. I tried that a while ago and got to the same conclusion. As you mention in the post, leaving BizTalk.System out of the equation, the actual limit is 6 applications. The BizTalk Application 1 + five others, and if you delete BizTalk Application 1 then you have 6 of your own to use.

  2. Brilliant. I can’t belive I’ve gone using BTS for so many years without realising this!

  3. Good information for customers/users and so on out there for them to make decision whether or not to use standard edition.

  4. Dan Rosanova says:

    I too have always wondered this. I now have a customer using Standard (first time for me) so I am glad to know. Thanks!

  5. […] earlier this year that I can’t take any credit for noticing. It’s blogged about here – In essence: BizTalk Server 2009 Standard supports 6 “custom” BizTalk applications, not just […]

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