BizTalk Management Classes Sample

In my previous post I wrote about the beta of the BizTalk management classes.

Every now and then you need to do some BizTalk management things in code. This is where the classes come in very handy.

Last week I wrote a small sample to show and explain the use of the classes to a co-BizTalker. He was excited about this but told me it would be a good thing if we provide some more sample code. I’m sure we (me and the great people I work with on this project) will come up with a lot more information when we release the final version. For now I will only post this small sample.

It shows that a lot of “BizTalk management work” can be done using only a couple lines of code. Also this is done in a uniform way (using a single API).

This is what the sample does:

  • connect to a BizTalk group (management database).
  • create an application.
  • add a BizTalk assembly (resource) to the application.
  • import a binding file.
  • creates and exports an MSI file from the new application.
  • Starts the application.
  • Resets the BizTalk Host.

Here is the code:


As you can see below I only need 8 lines of code to accomplish it. I don’t know how much code this would take when it was done using the “regular” API’s but I’m very sure many more lines are needed.

If you like this please download the beta from codeplex and start using the classes.

2 Responses to BizTalk Management Classes Sample

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  2. Randal,

    You are certainly more active than I am in evangelizing the PowerShell provider. I take this opportunity to congratulate you.

    Thanks a lot for your work.

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