Replacing functoids in BizTalk 2009

A BizTalk developer recently learned me a great trick to replace funtoids in a map. It looks like a lot of BizTalkers, like me, are unaware of this handy feature.

When you accidentally used the wrong functoid in a map you can replace it by just dragging another functoid on top of it. The old functoid is replaced with the new one. The great part is that all the input and output parameters of the functoid are preserved.

The following video shows how to do this in BizTalk 2009:

BizTalk 2009 Mapper replacing functoids

I haven’t tried but this should also work in BizTalk 2006 (R2). I don’t know about BizTalk 2004.

When trying in BizTalk 2010 I was a little bit surprised to find out that this does not work. See video below:

BizTalk 2010 Mapper replacing functoids does not work

Fortunately there are many other productivity enhancements in the BizTalk 2010 mapper so I think I can live without this replace feature Smile.

2 Responses to Replacing functoids in BizTalk 2009

  1. I can confirm that was also a “feature” of BizTalk 2004.

    Interesting to hear that it is gone from BizTalk 2010 – not sure why Microsoft would choose to remove such a simple but useful feature.

  2. Mikael Sand says:

    This just shows how little us BizTalkers need to feel happier. “You can replace the functoid” “Whohoo”😀

    But I agree that this little downside is very small when using the new mapper.

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